About U.S. Learning

Don Hutson is an international expert and motivational speaker on sales, negotiations, and entrepreneurship.

U.S. Learning is a full service training firm comprised of professionals who deliver innovative, high-impact solutions to our clients. Our company specializes in distance learning initiatives that may include deep assessment and data management insights that are designed to provide a higher, long term return on the investment of these programs.

In addition to customizing speeches, seminars, and multiple day programs on sales, customer service, marketing strategy, and leadership, we also assist many of our corporate and association clients with the development of their own University. Such initiatives improve the coordination and impact of all efforts to enhance learning, and thus the success of their employees, customers and members.

Don has delivered more than 6,000 presentations across the globe for annual sales meetings, managers meetings, keynotes and breakout sessions.  A dynamic and engaging presenter, Don Hutson is passionate about helping sales people improve performance and companies improve their bottom line.

Working with Don Hutson will Help Your Team:

  • Sell Based on Value instead of cutting price
  • Create dynamic sales meetings
  • Improve sales negotiation skills
  • Create an effective brand differentiation strategy
  • Motivate and retain sales people
  • Compete with global pricing pressures